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Library Services: Price List

Prices and fees​

Overdue fines

  • 0,50 € / day / item
  • Maximum overdue fine per loan(item): 15 €
  • Maximum overdue fine per customer: 80 €
  • Limit of fines for losing borrowing rights:15 €

Overdue fines will not accumulate when a library is closed. You lose your borrowing rights, once your fines reach the limit of €15. You get your borrowing rights back after you have paid your overdue fines. 

Uncollected reservation

  • 2 €

Replacement prices 

The replacement price for an item is determined by the price of a new copy. If a new copy is not available, the replacement price is determined separately. In these cases, the minimum prices are: 

  •  Books and theses  50 €
  •  Sheet music 15 € 
  •  CDs 20 €
  •  Videos 80 €

You can also replace material by providing a corresponding item to the library (excluding audiovisual material). 

Library card 

  •  First library card 0 €
  •  New card to replace a lost one 3 €

Copying for Metropolia students 

Top-up card prices are available at the libraries and in IT Services wiki.

Interlibrary loan service 

Free for Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia students and staff. For other customers, according to the price list of the sending library, however a minimum of € 20 / item. 

To other libraries in Finland 
  •  Interlibrary loans from the library collections 15 € / item 
  • Article copies10 € for each 1-10 pages. 
Libraries in the EU (interlibrary loans are not provided for countries outside the EU.) 
  •  Interlibrary loans from the library collections 50 € / item 
  •  Article copies 20 € for each 1-10 pages.

Information service 

  •  Information service to external customers 70 € / hour (minimum charge 35 €)  
  •  Information skills training on demand 70 € / hour

Fees are valid until further notice. 

Copying and printing prices for students

You will find the Copy Fee Chart and the guide for adding value to the PaperCut system from the IT Services web pages.

Service copies in the library

 Black and white 
  •  A4 – 1-sided 0,50 €
  •  A4 – 2-sided 1,00  €
  •  A3 – 1-sided 1,00 €
  •  A3 – 2-sided 2,00 €
  •  A4 – 1-sided 1,00 €
  •  A4 – 2-sided 2,00 €
  •  A3 – 1-sided 2,00 €
  •  A3 – 2-sided 4,00 €
  • Printed music can not be copied by the library staff


  •  Cotton bags   € 2

What if you miss your due date? 

Renew your loans immediately. If you cannot renew your loans due to reservations or unpaid fines, return them to the nearest Metropolia library as soon as possible. 

Suspension of borrowing rights 

Unpaid fines accumulate to your outstanding payments. Once the sum reaches the fee limit (€15), your borrowing rights are suspended. You get your borrowing rights back once you have returned your loans and paid your overdue fines.  

>> Library rules

Paying online in MetCat Finna 

You can pay fees online. When you log in to your MetCat Finna account, you see the total balance of your fees and the fees that are payable online. 

If your fees amount to 15 euros or more, your loaned item has reservations, or you have already renewed the loan 10 times, you cannot renew your loan. After you have paid the fines, you can renew the items which have no reservations and which you have renewed less than 10 times.

Payment is possible via Finnish online banks or by using credit cards (Visa or Mastercard). You cannot change the amount of the payment, therefore the amount must be paid fully.  If the fee is less than 1 €, it cannot be paid online.

Remember to renew your loans when paying overdue payments online

When paying overdue fees, remember to renew your loans as well. Then the same loans will not accrue more late fees. Payment does not automatically extend the loan period.

Paying online step by step 

  • Login to MetCat Finna. 
  • Go to Your Account and choose Fines interleaf. 
  • Click the Pay online button. 
  • After you have paid, return to MetCat Finna so that the payment will be registered to the library system. 
  • If you have problems, please contact the library. 
  • Payment Service Provider is Paytrail. 

Paying at the library 

You can pay your library fees with debit and credit cards at all Metropolia campus libraries. 


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