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Library Services

Information services

Support for literature searching and database demonstrations are free of charge for students and staff of Metropolia and Metropolia RDI projects. We offer information skills training for groups as well as personal support and advice.

Information services and on-demand training in information retrieval are subject to a charge for external customers.

Information services for projects

The library offers the following services for projects:

  • Support for literature searching and systematic information retrieval
  • Guidance on the use of databases and issues regarding licences
  • Efficient use of open information sources

Extensive information retrieval

Information specialists can be commissioned to carry out more extensive information retrieval for projects. These include e.g. systematic literature searches carried out with a particular method. Extensive information retrieval is planned in cooperation with the project and at the project’s expense. When planning a project, you should allocate resources for any extensive information retrieval you may need.

 What takes up time and resources in extensive information retrieval?

  • Information retrieval planning carried out by the information specialist and e.g. the project manager together
  • Sufficient testing of searches and selection of suitable databases
  • Performing and documenting searches
  • If Metropolia does not offer a required database, the information retrieval can be ordered from some other university library.

Consult an information specialist for further details. You can contact us by email

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