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Library Services

Staff loans and acquisitions 

Staff can make acquisition proposals and borrow library materials or ask the library to acquire materials for work purposes. 

Materials for library collections

We acquire the material (books, journals, DVDs, recordings, etc.) into our collections from the library budget. We can only acquire audiovisual resources with valid copyright licenses. In this case you borrow the material according to the general library rules. If the material goes missing, you are obliged either to compensate for it or to provide the library with an equivalent product.

Loan renewal service for staff

Metropolia staff loans are automatically renewed 15 times if

  • there are no reservations on the loan
  • the loan has not already been renewed 15 times
  • you do not have unpaid fees € 15 or more.

If a loan cannot be renewed, you will receive e-mail reminders in accordance with library practices.  To avoid overdue fees, return the loan within one week of the due date to any of the 3AMK libraries. You are responsible for the materials you borrow and for returning them on time. The loan renewal service does not release this liability.

Books for personal use

We acquire material your degree programme pays for. The degree programme must approve the acquisition, and the material becomes property of the degree programme in question. The resource is not entered into the library catalogue, nor must you return it to the library. No acquisitions made by Metropolia staff will be paid for by the library. 

Books for RDI projects

We can acquire printed books for the needs of RDI projects. The cost of the material is paid by project funding. We need information of the cost pool code and the name of the acceptor of the acquisition before we order the materials. 

The book will then remain in the project. It is marked with Metropolia stamp, but the data of the book is not entered into the library catalogue. After the end of the project, the book can be donated to the library collection.


The library subscribes to print and electronic journals only for the library's collections and for the use of all customers.

Electronic materials

We cannot acquire electronic materials for professional use. The library only acquires e-resources through library licences, which means that the material is licensed to the whole organisation. The library can acquire e-books for project needs with project funding when the e-books are available under a library licence. In this case, the e-books are available to everybody in Metropolia.

Electronic books, standards and teaching materials (e.g. teacher's guides) for personal use are purchased by the staff themselves. The costs are borne by the department or project.

Make an acquisition proposal´╗┐

Suggest books for library collections

Make acquisition proposals by filling the e-form below or by sending an email to Please inform the library of new course literature well in advance of the start of the course. 

Order books for personal use

You can order the book using the form below

  • for your professional use
  • project
  • degree program

Degree programme or innovation project will have to pay for the book. Any book which is purchased this way remains in your use and it doesn't need to be returned to the library. 

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