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Find the e-journals in the library

In 2024, we will introduce e-journals in our collections.

We provide Metropolia students and staff an access to various e-journals and article databases. Most of the e-journals can also be accessed from home via MetCat Finna. You can access the journals online or remotely by logging in with your Metropolia ID and password..

There are many types of e-journals

E-journals are available from a number of different providers, either as databases of articles or as individual e-journals.

Find on MetCat Finna 

MetCat Finna offers you the possibility to browse e-journals by title or search for a single journal by name. With international e-resources search you can find electronic articles and e-books.

Information resources guides 

These guides help you locate and use e-journals and articles. 

How to find articles and e-journals?

Watch the videos below to learn how to find e-journals and articles on MetCat Finna.

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