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Library Services

Training and guidance on information retrieval

The library offers group guidance in information retrieval for Metropolia students and staff. By taking part in the guidance, students learn information-seeking skills that are needed in their studies and later in working life.

For help with searching for information, see Using Information Resouces and the field-specific information recources guides.

Information search training

We organise a wide range of on-campus and remote workshops, training and induction sessions for groups. You can find the contact persons for group sessions in the list at the bottom of this page.

Personal guidance

Personal guidance is intended for students who are working on their thesis.

Book a time for personal guidance

Select the link to make an appointment according to your field of study.

Library training for students and staff​

How to use e-books? How to access expert information? Where to find high-quality sources for theses? The library offers Metropolia students, lecturers and other staff training in information retrieval and use of information sources.

We offer a selection of training sessions to support students at all levels. Training has been grouped into three phases:

  • Know what to do
  • Look for and find
  • Dig deeper and apply

Each part has its own learning targets.

In addition to the three levels of training, we can also provide tailored training sessions. Please contact us well in advance if you are interested in tailored training. We charge a fee from groups outside Metropolia.

First phase: Library services

The orientation phase is an effective way to get your studies off to a good start. Students learn about library services and how to use them.

A library orientation is organised for all new students. The introduction can be a game on the Seppo platform or a more traditional introduction session. 

After the Library info, students will know, for example

  • How to find library materials: books, magazines, sheet music, recordings and videos
  • What services are available in the library
  • How to use the library facilities for studying or teaching

Second phase: Information sources

The aim of the second phase of training is to help students learn about the information resources in their field, how to search for information and how to assess the reliability of information.

The library offers a range of training sessions for students, for example:

  • Get to know professional information resources 
  • Discover professional information sources in English 
  • Find out how to find out English language resources

Third phase: Thesis search

Training in systematic knowledge acquisition gives students the skills to apply their information retrieval skills in their field.

The aim is that students learn to find appropriate sources for their thesis. 

During the thesis phase, students can receive personal guidance, if necessary.

Tailored sessions - tell us what you need

Would you like a presentation on a specific theme for your group? Do your students need some help in finding information?

Contact us and ask for an Information specialist to for example

  • take part in your lessonlecture to support your students in their search for information.
  • introduce information resources to students involved in projects.
  • support staff in their search for information and use of information sources.

We tailor specific trainings according to your needs - the content and duration of the training will be decided in advance.

Please contact us to find a suitable date and time to plan the training together.

Contact information

Arrange a training session or ask for more details!


Annamari Ikonen 


Technology | Anni Salonen
Health care and social services | Susanna Rossi


Business (Master's) and Technology (Master's) | Annamari Ikonen
EBA & IBL | Annamari Ikonen
Technology | Elina Nurminen

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