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Library Services: Theseus and graduating



Open Repository Theseus gives you online access to theses and publications from Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences.

Upload your thesis to Theseus (as a PDF file) after it has been completed and your instructor has approved it. When you upload your thesis to Theseus you give the permission to online publishing.

Can't publish online?

Deliver two paper copies (one bound + one unboud) of your thesis to the student services instead of uploading your thesis to Theseus if:

  • Thesis has been written in cooperation with other persons or as a commission for an organization who do not allow the thesis to be published online.
  • Thesis is in a form that doesn’t allow it to be published in electronic form.
  • You don’t want to publish your thesis in electronic form.

More information from Study Guide

Before uploading

  • Upload your thesis to Theseus only after it is ready and approved.
  • If your thesis has been written as a commission for an organization, please make sure that all parties agree to the publication of the work in an Open Access online environment. 
  • Remove all personal contact information like addresses, email address and phone numbers.
  • In case of several authors, each of you should give permission for the publishing, but only one of the authors uploads the thesis to Theseus.
  • Convert your thesis into a PDF file (max. size 150 MB). Name the file Surname_Forename, for example Student_Steve.pdf.
  • Make sure all the details are ok:
    • Dates are the same on the cover and on the abstract pages.
    • All the appendixes mentioned in the index are included or there is a note of a sort if they are excluded from the public version.
    • Page numbering and appendix numbers are working.


Instructions for uploading your thesis can be found on Theseus.


Other instructions and recommendations

Metropolia instructions​

Thesis and publicity 

In Finnish only

Avoimen tieteellisen julkaisutoiminnan työryhmän muistio (Opetusministeriön työryhmämuistioita ja selvityksiä 2005:8). 

Ethical recommendations

Document gives recommendations for universities of applied sciences for a thesis process that is ethical and in accordance with responsible conduct of research.


“All rights reserved” means that you will retain the rights to your work in accordance with normal copyright legislation.

With a Creative Commons license, you can inform other users of what they are allowed to do with your work. You can, for example, allow them to copy, share, display or present your thesis or modified versions of it and to obligate them to reference your name as the original author.

You can select a Creative Commons license when you own all rights to your thesis or you have permission from the owners of parallel copyrights to use the license. Read more about Creative Commons.


When you select keywords to your thesis we recommend that you use:

LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings)
MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

Audio-visual material

If your work includes an mp3 or mp4 file you can upload it as a separate file. Fill in the duration of the appendix in full minutes in the corresponding field.

You can bring audio-visual material to the library on a CD. In this case you should add a comment on the location of the separate appendix to Theseus metadata when uploading the PDF file.

Convert your thesis into a PDF

The thesis should consist of a single PDF file. It is easiest to convert your thesis into a PDF file, if it is one complete text file including the whole content, report etc.

You can convert a Word document into a PDF file in many ways. In Word for excample:

  • File > Export > Create PDF/XPS
  • File > Save As > Save as type: Word Document
  • File > Print > Printer: PDF-XChange Printer

Name the file using the format of Surname_Forename, for example Student_Steve.pdf. The characters allowed are 1-9, a-z, A-Z, _, - and space.

Merging PDF files

If your PDF files are still separated, you have to merge them. You can use for example PDF-Tools which can be found on every computer in Metropolia.

Contact information

If you have any questions concerning Theseus please contact us at library (at)

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