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Library Services

Library card

You can get a library card either from the Tuudo application or from the library customer service. Metropolia students and staff can use library card in Tuudo mobile app. 

If you are a student, activate your Tuudo library card without visiting the library. No other library card is needed!

  • Select Library from the Tuudo side menu
  • Click on Add card
  • Select the option "I don't have a library card"
  • Fill in the required fields
  • Choose your pin code and write it down so you remember it

You can use your card for borrowing on the spot. Connect your card with MetCat Finna to be able to make reservations.

Fill out a library card application, if

  • you do not have a Finnish personal identity code
  • you are a Metropolia staff member
  • you do not study or work at any of the 3AMK organisations (Metropolia, Laurea, Haaga-Helia)

You can use your card for borrowing on the spot. You need to connect your card with MetCat Finna to be able to make reservations.

PIN code

You need a PIN code for logging in to MetCat Finna with a library card and borrowing. Forgot your PIN? Reset it on MetCat Finna.

Connect your library card with MetCat Finna

After receiving your library card, connect it with MetCat Finna. After connecting you can make reservations for library materials.

If you lose your library card

Notify the library immediately. A new plastic library card costs 3 €.

Borrow, renew, reserve and return 

You can borrow items using the self-service stations during the library's customer service and self-service hours. You will need a library card (plastic or mobile) and a personal PIN code.

Loan periods

We have two loan periods

  • four-week loan
  • two-week loan

You can order material from one Haaga-Helia, Laurea or Metropolia library to another. Some materials are borrowed only to the students and staff of Metropolia. 

Haaga-Helia’s Vierumäki campus library sends books only if other libraries don’t have copies in their collections. Books in Vierumäki’s collection LPT-kurssikirjat are loaned only to students of Sport Institute of Finland and not sent to other libraries.

One customer can have a maximum of 100 loans at a time. If you already have a maximum number of loans, you will be able to loan (or collect reservations) only after returning some of your loans. 

Problems with borrowing

Sometimes borrowing is not successful even if your library card is valid and you have entered the correct pin code.

In such cases

  1. There may be a reservation in the book. > Make a reservation in MetCat Finna
  2. You may have fees more than the allowed amount > Pay the fees in MetCat Finna.
  3. The book has a "Not for loan" sticker. > See if there is a copy in the library which can be borrowed.


  • Renew your loans in Tuudo or MetCat Finna. You can also call us or send an email.
  • You can renew your loans up to 15 times, unless they have been reserved by another user or unless you have lost your borrowing rights.  


You can make reservations in MetCat Finna 24/7.


Return or renew your loans by the due date.

  • If you return your loans late, you will have to pay overdue fines. 
  • If you do not return or renew your loans in spite of reminders, you will be sent an invoice for replacement items.

You can return your loans to any Haaga-Helia, Laurea or Metropolia library during the service and self-service hours.

  • The self-service station gives a return receipt.
  • If the library is closed, but campus is open, leave your loans in the book return box outside the library door.  The return date will be the next day.

If you have reading disability

IF you have a certificate of reading disability or the right to use Celia's audiobooks, you are entitled to two weeks' loans with a four-week loan period. 

You can be granted extended borrowing rights either when you register as a Celia customer or directly at the library when you present proof of a reading disability.

Want to become a Celia customer?

See the instructions on OMA-intranet.

If we don't have the book you need

Is the book you need not included in our collections? You can make an acquisition proposal or order the book from another library through our interlibrary loan service. 


Notices (listed below) are sent by email.

  • item available
  • loans due soon and overdue

Please make sure that we have your current e-mail address.

If  you don't receive our notifications, check your email for spam. The sender in e-mails from 3UAS libraries is (mark it as a trusted address to receive the notifications).

Even if you don't receive our notices, your are still always responsible for renewing or returning borrowed items on time.

If your contact details change

Make sure your contact information is up to date. Notify us if your address or other contact details change.

  • You can change your email address on MetCat Finna's Profile-page.
  • You can request the library to change your address, phone number and hold identifier from link "Request for contact details change" on MetCat Finna's Profile-page.


‚ÄčReminders are sent only by email. 

  • The first email is a reminder of an upcoming due date.
  • You receive the first overdue email 1 day after the due date. After this, you will receive second email reminder 14 days after the due date.
  • The final third reminder is sent when the loan is 28 days late.  

After the final reminder, you are unable to renew your loans. Your borrowing rights are suspended, as your fines have exceeded the limit of €15. Without borrowing rights you are unable to make reservations, borrow library material or renew your loans. 

  • The final overdue reminder includes information on the invoice you will receive and the actions you have to take.
  • You have 14 days to return your loans before the matter is referred to a collection agency.  

If you only have unpaid overdue fines, we will not use a collection agency.

During the long holiday periods (New Year, summer) the transition to a collection agency will be delayed. If necessary, please contact the Metropolia library, or send an email to the library (at) 


If you have not returned your loans within 14 days after the final reminder, the matter is referred to the collection agency, Lowell Finland. 

Advance warning by SMS

We will send you a text message before the case goes to the collection agency. Late fees alone will not be collected.

If you received a text message

  1. Pay your overdue fees via MetCat Finna or at the library.
  2. Renew the loans and return those that you do not need or that cannot be renewed.

Invoice from Lowell Finland

The collection agency will send you two invoices once the case has been transferred to them. After that, you can only make payments through them. Once you have received the invoice, you can still return the invoiced material to the library. 

If you have received an invoice from the collection agency and the loans in question are with you

  1. Return the loans immediately.
  2. Pay Invoice 2. This includes overdue fees and invoicing costs, but not the replacement cost of the materials.

If you received a bill from a collection agency but cannot find the loans in question

  1. Pay Invoice 1. It includes the replacement cost of the material, overdue fees and invoicing costs.
  2. Renew any other loans once your borrowing rights have been restored.

If you have any questions after receiving your invoice, please contact the collection agency. If you have overdue loans from other 3AMK libraries, they will be billed separately.

You will get your borrowing rights back when the matter is settled

Once you have paid your invoice and Lowell Finland informs the library of the payment, you will get your borrowing rights back.


Library services after graduation

You can continue using library services even after graduation. ""

You need to use either MetCat Finna’s mobile library card or a plastic card. When you graduate, you will no longer be able to use the Tuudo app. Tuudo’s library card will be lost and the school e-mail will cease to work after graduation.

Before graduation 

  • Write down your library card number and save it. 
  • Return your loans if needed and pay your fines, if you have any. 
  • Log in to MetCat Finna to check and update your contact information.

Mobile card 

Log in to MetCat Finna with your library card number and PIN code. MetCat Finna’s mobile card is available in the section Library Cards. 

In the future, you will login to MetCat Finna with the library card number and PIN code. 

Plastic library card 

Come to the library to collect a plastic library card if you don't already have one. You need to have a photo ID with you. At the same time, update your contact information, since the school e-mail will cease to work after graduation. 

In the future, you will login to MetCat Finna with the library card number and PIN code. 


You can access the e-materials locally in the library, but no longer be remotely after graduation.

Unregister request

If you wish to delete your information from the library system, please complete and sign the Data subject's request form and submit it in person to one of Metropolia's Student and Admission Services customer service points.

You can find instructions and the request form on Metropolia's website, which is linked below.

Metropolia Library and Information Services | Accessibility Statement