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Library Support Services for RDI

Open RDI and library support services 

These pages offer information about open RDI and the library RDI support services at Metropolia. The elements of open RDI include a culture of open scholarship, open access to publications, data and methods, as well as open education.

In addition to supporting research data management and publications, the library provides projects with reliable sources of information, support for literature searching, and information retrieval services.

Open RDI at Metropolia

Metropolia’s objective is to make a stronger impact for the benefit of society. A culture of openness plays a key role in achieving impact, as it guarantees that information produced at Metropolia receives visibility and our competence is communicated effectively. In order to achieve this objective, the methods, materials, products and results of our RDI activities must be as widely accessible and usable as possible.

The culture of open scholarship at universities of applied sciences is described with the concept of open RDI. Universities and other research institutions use the concept of open science and research.

Our open RDI includes the following:

  • Culture of open scholarship
  • Open access to research data and methods
  • Open access publications

Metropolia is committed to the Declaration for Open Science and Research.

Process of open RDI‚Äč

All stages of an open RDI process can promote openness:

  1. Preparation: planning data management for the project’s entire lifecycle based on the requirements of funders, agreements with cooperation partners, instructions of the UAS, responsible conduct of research and legislation.

  2. Realisation: data management measures during the project, such as data collection, organisation, storage and analysis, as well as data security and data protection.

  3. Management of results: data management after the project, such as storage, storage of metadata, i.e. descriptive information, and ensuring the findability of the data.

  4. Opening and publishing the findings: opening data, processing identifiable data, citing data, open access publishing, persistent identifiers and licensing.

  5. Business from open RDI: utilising the business potential of project findings.

Source: Päällysaho, S. & Latvanen, J.: Avoimen TKI-toiminnan prosessimalli (2017)

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