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Information Resources for Healthcare and Social Services


Library Guide for Healthcare and social services

This guide will help you locate and use information resources available in the library.

The links on the website are remote links, which means you can access the e-resources from anywhere. Remote access is also possible via MetCat Finna.

Help for finding information

The library will introduce you to information search in group sessions, which are mostly held at the request of teachers. Open lectures on information retrieval are available for students working on their theses. We also organise open training sessions on various topics in information retrieval, e.g. using a single database or searching for domestic articles.

You can ask for help in solving your information retrieval problems at the library's customer service or via chat. You can also send us questions by e-mail.

For more complex problems, you can get help at our Information Search Clinic. You can also book an individual appointment when you need help with your thesis information search.

Information search clinic

Have trouble finding information? On Information Skills Clinic you'll get help without booking a time!

Clinic is open on Wednesdays at 11-12 am on Zoom. 

You might have to wait for your turn in the lobby, so please be patient! 

Help for thesis information search

Are you facing difficulties in your thesis information search? Make an appointment for individual guidance.

Individual guidance on information search is meant for students who are working on their thesis and have already participated in a group session on the subject.

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