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Healthcare and Social Services: Information resources

Some information is available online

Sometimes Google can be a useful tool (e.g. locating a specific article, finding background information about a subject)

Different organisations can also have useful information online, e.g. WHO or European Commission Public Health

However, to search for books, theses and research articles you need databases.

Why use a database?

Databases contain information about publications

  • They can also contain the full-text version of a given publication but generally just tell you what has been published and when.

Usually the content of databases is unreachable by online search engines and requires a paid licence for access

  • Library has acquired licences for various databases.

Databases are reliable

  • Generally the content of databases consists of reliable information written by experts and published in scientific publications.
  • These publications also evaluate articles before they are published (referee, peer review).

Choosing a database

Information need

Search method

A specific book

Search library databases (MetCat Finna, Helka,

A specific article

First find out which journal the article was published in. Then search for the journal in MetCat Finna. Within Metropolia network googling can also work but remote access (e.g. from home) to journal content is often only available through MetCat Finna or LibGuides.

You need some information on a specific subject quickly

Try a familiar database and do a simple search, or use the open web (e.g. Google Scholar).

An in-depth study of relevant research on a specific topic

Use relevant databases in your field (e.g. Cinahl, PubMed) to locate articles, systematic reviews, theses, etc.

Some important databases

Books and journals: use library catalogues

  • MetCat Finna (Metropolia library)
  • Helka (Helsinki university library)
  • (search service of Finnish libraries)


  • Theseus
    • mainly in Finnish; have English abstracts; bibliographies can be useful

Finnish articles and research

  • Medic (Medicine and healthcare)
    • Some English language articles, user interface in Finnish
  • (various disciplines)

International articles and research

  • CINAHL: Nursing and healthcare
  • PubMed / Medline: Medicine and healthcare
  • Cochrane & JBI: Systematic reviews, evidence based practice
  • Also – Academic Search Elite, T & F
⇒ Links to these and many other databases can be found in this LibGuide.

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