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E-books: General

Metropolia e-book services

The library provides access to various e-book services for students and staff of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.  

Most e-books are acquired as packages of several titles, some by single title. The terms of use, licenses, loan periods and required reading applications vary between different e-book databases. Some e-books are available for multiple simultaneous users while others have restrictions on concurrent use (e.g. 1-3 simultaneous users).

Instructions for different e-book services can be found in this guide.

If you have any questions concerning e-books contact the library:

Why use e-books?

  • Can be read anywhere and anytime (log in with Metropolia user ID and password)
  • Printed book not available? Try an e-book instead! There are books with limited availability (though not all)
  • Possibility to search within the contents of books
  • You don't have to worry about due dates and overdue fines

Find e-books

E-books can be found in e-book databases and in MetCat.


You can find most of the e-books in MetCat which includes over 100 000 e-books and open access publications

Search results in MetCat include access links to e-books and other e-resources.

Remote use

E-resources are available within Metropolia network and also remotely. Remote access is available for Metropolia students and staff by using Metropolia username and password.

Terms of use

Terms of use for e-books are defined in license agreements. Use is typically restricted for teaching, studying, researching and for private use. E-resources provided by Metropolia libraries cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Suggest an e-book for purchase

Suggest acquisition of an e-book via e-mail:  

Availability of e-books via library:

  • Please note that although a book can be purchased in electronic format by individuals it may not be available for organisations (libraries)
  • Publishers can also restrict the availability of the latest editions of books, and sometimes only older editions are available as an e-book

E-book glossary

Adobe ID 

Free Adobe account is needed when downloading most e-books. Authorize your device when reading DRM-protected e-books. Limitation of one Adobe ID per user (e-mail). Maximum of six apps/devices can be activated with one Adobe ID.
> Get Adobe ID

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe e-book reader application for reading and downloading DRM-protected e-books with a computer. 
> Download Adobe Digital Editions
> Adobe Digital Editions Help

Adobe Reader 

Application for reading pdf files.

​Bluefire Reader

E-book reader for Android, IOS and Windows operating systems. It supports EPUB and pdf formats.


Digital Rights Management: technology used to control access to digital data. It limits what a user can do with the content.


Open-source e-book file format. Allows fixed layout and optimized text. Read more on Wikipedia.


Adobe's Portable Document Format for documents. Although it is not an actual e-book format (does not allow text optimization), many e-books are still published as pdf files.

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