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Find e-books

You can find links to e-books in MetCat Finna, or you can browse the various e-book services. You can access e-books on campus, as well as remotely with Metropolia user ID (you will be directed to the Metropolia login page).

Walk-in users who are not Metropolia students or staff can read some of the e-books by visiting the library. Walk-in use is not possible with all e-book services, check the instruction for each service.

  • MetCat Finna
    • Search MetCat Finna to find thousands of e-books and open access publications. 
    • Search results in MetCat Finna include access links to e-books and other e-resources.
    • Search MetCat Finna
  • E-book services
    • You can find more information on the various e-book services within this guide.
    • You can also find links to all e-resources on the E-resources A-Z list.
    • E-resources A-Z list

Metropolia e-book services

The terms of use, licenses, loan periods and required reading applications vary between different e-book services.

  • Some e-books are available for multiple simultaneous users while others have restrictions on concurrent use (e.g. 1-3 simultaneous users).
  • Some e-book services require you to register and create a separate user account for using all functionalities of their e-book platform (printing, downloading, making reservations etc.).

Instructions for different e-book services can be found in this guide.

Read e-books

Most e-books can be read online in a browser, which requires no separate e-book reader.

Download e-books: Adobe Digital Editions

If you wish to download an e-book for offline use:

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions e-book reader
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it: click "Help" and then select "Authorize computer".
    • If you read e-books on a single computer, you can authorize the reader without an Adobe ID. Choose: "I want to authorize my computer without an ID.”
    • If you want to read e-books on multiple devices or on a mobile app, authorize the reader with Adobe ID.
  3. Download the e-book following the instructions of the e-book service you are using.

Links to Adobe instructions:

Listen to e-books

Many e-books can also be listened to using e.g. screen readers or listening applications. Find more information on the Celia (national library for accessible literature and publishing in Finland) website:

Rules for using e-resources

E-resources (e-books, e-journals, databases, etc.) licensed by Metropolia library can only be used for non-commercial educational purposes (studying, teaching, research).

E-resources have their own terms of use which can be found via the Databases and e-resources A-Z list by clicking the copyright icon ©. When you use e-resources, you are responsible for complying with their terms of use. For example, files, copies or printouts may not be distributed to others.

Suggest an e-book for purchase

You can submit a book proposal using the e-form below. Although a book can be purchased in electronic format by individuals it may not be available for organisations (libraries). Thus, as a library we might not be able to purchase all required books as e-books.

For e-resource related issues/questions, please contact the library:

Metropolia Library and Information Services | Accessibility Statement