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Healthcare and Social Services: Visible Body

Visible Body - Human Anatomy Atlas and Muscle Premium


Metropolia has access to two Visible Body 3D anatomy apps: Human Anatomy Atlas and Muscle Premium. These apps contain interactive images and models, as well as videos and animations on human anatomy. You can use the apps on a PC or download them on your mobile device (iOS / Android).

Find a link to Visible Body also via MetCat Finna or LibGuides.

Permissions and user rights

​Make sure you are familiar with Visible Body permissions before using the app.

Use on a PC browser​

You can use Visible Body on a PC.

Find a link to Visible Body also via MetCat or LibGuides. Remote access is possible via these links (log in with Metropolia username). Select the required app and find more information on system requirements. Open the app by clicking Launch.

Visible Body cannot be downloaded onto a computer and must be opened again each time you wish to use it.

Download mobile app

Available for iOS and Android.​

Download the app by using Metropolia network

  • Connect your device to Metropolia wifi (for example Eduroam, metropolia-guest).
  • Disconnect mobile data when downloading the app to ensure the device is using Metropolia network.

Go to

  • Select either iOS or Android app store and download and install the app.
  • When your device is connected to Metropolia network, the app will automatically recognise Metropolia’s subscription.
  • These apps are quite large in size, so make sure you have enough storage space on your device.
  • You can install these apps on several devices.

After the initial download and installation, you can use the app outside Metropolia network and even offline.

  • To continue using your app offline and off campus, open your Visible Body app using Metropolia wifi at least once every 5 months to reactivate the app.

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