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Library Training Services: Dig deeper and apply

DIG DEEPER AND APPLY - Systematic search of information 

Training in the 'Dig deeper and apply' stage prepare students to apply their information retrieval skills in development assignments of their own field.

The target of the training is to help students operate in extensive information environment and find relevant sources for their theses or innovation projects.

Professionals must be able to develop their expertise, operating practices and indeed the entire work community continuously – and good information skills are an essential part of professional competence. 

Find sources for theses or innovation project 

For whom

Students halfway through or in the final stages of their studies who are working on their theses or other extensive assignment. It is recommended that the student's thesis topic has already been approved

Learning target

The students will know and can effectively use key sources of information in their professional field. The students can find a wide range of relevant information pertaining to their subject.


The purpose of the course is to help students extend the information base of their subject. Revision of information search techniques according to the needs of the group.


90 min

When to take this training

Semester 5–8


Interactive workshop in which students search information on their subject, either independently or under guidance. Carried out in cooperation with subject education

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