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Library Training Services: Contact information

Contact information


Kaisu Sallasmaa, tel. 040 667 1222
Information Technology
Annamari Ikonen, tel. 040 688 5567
Information Technology (Master's Program), Industrial Management (Master's Program), Logistics (Master's Program)


Paula Isoaho, tel. 040 627 8188
Sustainable Building Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Management (Master's Program)
Susanna Rossi (Health care and social services, Bachelor's), tel. 040 671 9522
Raisa Karhu (Health care and social services, Master's), tel. 040 869 1573


Kaisu Sallasmaa, tel. 040 667 1222
Environmental Engineering
Annamari Ikonen, tel. 040 688 5567
Business Informatics (Master's Program), European Business Administration, European Management, International Business and Logistics, Electronics​

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