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Library Services: Printing, copying

Printing and copying

Metropolia students and staff can use devices in the libraries for printing, scanning and copying. 

These devices are managed by IT Services. If the devices malfunction, contact HelpDesk: 

How to use the multifunction devices 

Multifunction device in a nutshell

  1. Activate an RFID card on the multifunction device (HSL card or Metropolia library card). Alternatively, log in using your Metropolia username. 

  2. Add value to your Metropolia username either by using online payment of Finnish banks or by purchasing a top-up card from the library (value €5). Redeem your top-up card online at  

  3. Log in to the PC using your Metropolia username and password (if you are printing from your own device, see PaperCut Web Print)

  4. When printing a document, select a Toshiba print PAPERCUT queue (four options available) as the printer. 

  5. Log in to the multifunction device (using the RFID card or your Metropolia username) and select the document to be printed from your print queue. 

  6. Scanning on the multifunction device is free (to Metropolia email or to file). 

You can also take copies on the multifunction device.

Pay online

You can purchase value for your PaperCut account by using your bank identifier. 

Service copies in the library

 Black and white 
  •  A4 – 1-sided 0,50 €
  •  A4 – 2-sided 1,00  €
  •  A3 – 1-sided 1,00 €
  •  A3 – 2-sided 2,00 €
  •  A4 – 1-sided 1,00 €
  •  A4 – 2-sided 2,00 €
  •  A3 – 1-sided 2,00 €
  •  A3 – 2-sided 4,00 €
  • Printed music can not be copied by the library staff

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