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E-books: E-book services

E-book services: instructions

More detailed information about the e-book services and instructions for use can be found here:

Reading e-books

E-books readable in a browser: CRC Handbook and Safari

Downloadable e-books: Dawsonera, Ebook Central, Ebsco e-books and Springer

Usage restrictions vary between different e-book databases: 

  • some databases have no restrictions on the number of concurrent users e.g. Springer
  • some databases have e-books both with unlimited user access and with 1 to 3 simultaneous users e.g. Ebook Central and EBSCO e-books
  • usage can also be based on credits like in Dawsonera​​

Printing and downloading restrictions also vary between different e-book databases.

Metropolia e-books 

These links lead to the various e-book platforms.

Contact us

If you have any questions or wish to suggest an e-book for purchase, please contact the library

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