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Uusi tai koekäytössä | New or Trial

Alla listatut tietokannat ovat uusia tai koekäytössä | Following databases are new or being evaluated (trial).
Alma Talentin e-lehtiä: Talouselämä, Arvopaperi, Tekniikka&Talous, TIVI, Mikrobitti, Mediuutiset, Kauppalehti, Uusi Suomi.
E-books previously available via Dawsonera. Contains e-books in English from multiple fields. Currently VLeBooks can only be accessed remotely from outside Metropolia network.
HUOM! Toimii vain etäyhteydellä, ei Metropolian verkossa.
Read more about VLeBooks | Lue lisää VLeBooks-palvelusta
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Koekäyttö | Trial
New in 2021: Trialling WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors. Metropolia users can also access WGSN Fashion.

Includes: Accurate trend forecasting, CAD design, Insightful trend analysis, Design and fashion guidance, Global fashion expertise, and Constant information.
You are not allowed to share WGSN content (for example pictures) outside Metropolia or in social media, or use it in your thesis.
WGSN instructions | WGSN-ohjeita.

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