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Library Training Services: Learning targets

Learning targets with library trainings

Know what to do

Beginners – Are familiar with library services and can use databases in their studies.

Lok and find

Intermediate learners – Know the information sources of their own field and can retrieve information and evaluate it critically.

Dig deeper and apply

Experts – Can apply their information retrieval skills in development assignments. They can find their way round in the modern information environment.

Know how to find information?

1. Information needs

  • I know what I already know about the subject.
  • I know what type of information I need.

2. Information sources

  • I can name organisations that produce information about my professional field.
  • I know what kind of information is typical for my professional field.
  • I know how library services may be used remotely.

3. Information retrieval

  • I know the basic techniques of information retrieval.
  • I can look for information using a word that describes it well.

4. Use of information

  • I can evaluate information critically from a number of viewpoints.
  • I understand the responsibilities and obligations related to use of information.

Information literacy 

Information literacy means the ability to obtain, manage and produce information.

Good information retrieval skills make working more efficient and faster both in higher education studies and at work.

Recommendation for Finnish universities – Information literacy in academic studies 2013

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