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Library to Four Campuses: General info

Four campuses in 2020

Metropolia will concentrate its operations from 20 locations to four campuses. Library will be moving into new locations gradually 2017 - 2019. Year 2019 the library operates in  Arabia, Myllypuro, Myyrmäki and Vanha viertotie. 

Year 2019

Leppävaara library closed down

Metropolia’s Board of Directors decided on Thu 21.2.2019 in its meeting to close down Leppävaara campus as from March 4, 2019. 

See current information on Leppävaara library on Karamalmi interleaf.

Myllypuro, temporary library

A temporary library is located in A-building's 1st floor where it shares the space with the cafe.

Library will move to it's final premises to D-building at the end of the year. 

​Vanha viertotie closed down 

Vanha viertotie campus library will be closed down on November 22. The collections will be moved to Myllypuro campus. 

See more information on Campus info on

>> Four campuses info pages

Instructions for those who are moving

Borrowed Materials
  • Return loans you no longer need.
  • Renew the loans that you still need. Make sure that the borrowed materials move with you.
Materials that are not borrowed from the library (including theses)
  • We cannot accept theses or books that are not loaned from the library.
  • If you have theses in your office that you do not want to take with you, contact archivist Kaija Rasilo.
  • If you have a large number of books that you want to dispose, please contact the library for help.

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