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Terveysteknologia ja robotiikka | Health Technology and Robotics: Keep up with new publications

Keep up with new publications

Keep up with the latest journals, research topics and trends in your field. Subscribe to email alerts or follow RSS feeds on your browser. Make sure you get the latest information without delay.

What is RSS?

The RSS feed alerts you of new updates automatically.

Add an RSS feed to your web browser (computer-specific) or to a separate reader. You do not need to log in to the database or journal website/service. Browser-based RSS readers:

Keep up with journal contents

Subscribe to a journal’s latest table of contents, keep up to date with development in the field.

  • First log on to the publisher’s site.
  • Order the table of contents to your email.
  • You can also add it as RSS feed to your browser or reader.

Repeat a search

Automatic alert

Think of suitable keywords and conduct a search of the database.

  • Save the search as an alert.
  • Search results are sent automatically to your email. You can determine how often the alert service conducts the search, for example once a month.
  • Requires you to log in.

Manual search

If you do not want to subscribe to an RSS feed, you can save your search to the database.

  • The saved search also helps you remember your earlier searches.
  • Requires you to log in.


How to activate an alert!

Instructions for different databases:

How to Use Journal Alerts
How to Use Search Alerts
Saving Your Search History using My EBSCOhost

Personalization in IEEE Xplore (4:26 min)

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google's academic search engine that searches across scholarly literature (peer-reviewed papers, theses, abstracts etc.).
Some of the search results will provide direct links to the full-text of the article if the article is accessible at Metropolia UAS.

Tip: Create search alerts with Google Scholar and receive e-mail updates on newly published papers!

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