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Terveysteknologia ja robotiikka | Health Technology and Robotics: Uutisvirta | News

Robotiikkauutisia | Robotics News

Robotiikan alan uutisia RSS-syötteinä.
Selection of robotics news.

The Robot Report

IEEE Spectrum: Robotics News & Articles

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IEEE Spectrum: Multimedia Videos

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Robotics & Automation magazine, IEEE

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Sensor Review

International journal of sensing for industry.

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IEEE Spectrum: Biomedical Channel

IEEE Spectrum’s blog featuring the people, places, and passions of the world of technologists in Silicon Valley and its environs.

Latest post on the blog

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Biomedical Engineering (IEEE Transactions)

Leading research journal in the field of biomedical engineering.

Topics include

  • biomedical signal processing
  • bio-micro/nano technology
  • robotics
  • healthcare information systems and telemedicine

Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Publishes innovative techniques and methodology reviews in the field of biomedical informatics.

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