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3UAS libraries: Welcome

New in 3UAS-libraries

Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia libraries (3UAS-libraries) have a joint library system. Customer registers and printed collections are unified. This page gives information about the merge.

Opening hours and contact information

Joint collection

You can search for books located in all 3UAS libraries at the same time 
Libraries own search interfaces are the gateways to the joint collection:


Each 3UAS library subscribes licensed e-material, which is only accessible for their own students and staff. Remote access to this licensed material requires your own UAS student number and password.

Most of the licensed material can be used locally in campuses.

Joint customer register

Finding your own library customer information:
  • If you log in with HAKA (UAS student or staff member), information found via your own UAS’s Finna.
  • If you log in with your library card number, information found via any 3UAS Finna  

Customers who have registered to more than one 3UAS-libraries

Information about loans and fees is unified. There can be only one active library card and email address. After the unification check Your Account information and your active library card number. If you are not able to log in or have other questions, please contact the library.

Privacy statement and customer rights

All customers will get an email about the transfer of customer information. If a customer doesn’t want their information to be transferred to the joint register, they should inform the library.

Customer information can be removed from the register if there are no active loans or unpaid fees.

Privacy policy

New rules of 3UAS-libraries

The unified rules will be published on the webpages of each 3UAS-libraries

Loan periods

  • Four-week loan (28 days)
  • Two-week loan (14 days)

Some materials can’t be loaned at all and some materials are loaned only to the students and staff of Metropolia.

Overdue fines 

  • 0,50 € / day / item
  • Maximum payment of overdue fines per item: 15 €
  • Maximum payment of overdue fines per customer: 80 €
  • Limit of fines for losing borrowing rights: 15 €
Overdue fines will not accumulate when a library is closed.


A loan can be renewed max 10 times. After that it must be returned.


You can reserve a book from all 3UAS-libraries using HH Finna, Laurea Finna or MetCat Finna. Please note:  Haaga-Helia Vierumäki campus sends books only if other libraries don’t have available copies.
  • Reserved books are kept for 4 days 
  • If reservations aren’t picked up on time, the fee is 2 € / title

Library space

Each library is open for anyone to visit. Some spaces can be for own students only, for example bookable rooms for group work, but otherwise everyone is welcome to benefit from library space.

Visiting the 3UAS libraries

In all 3UAS libraries you can:

  • use the same library card 
  • return your loans 
  • pay overdue fines
  • pay overdue fines online via library database:
    • HH Finna
    • Laurea Finna
    • MetCat Finna

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